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My idle won't go low enough to pass emissions test

I failed the emissions test, solely because the idle speed wouldn’t go low enough. It passed easily at high speed. It’s been passing emissions tests for 30 years.

I got it home, turned the idle screw all the way out; it didn’t slow down. I turned it many turns in; it eventually sped up (so I have the right screw; I’ve done this before.)

What’s up? I haven’t driven it in a year, but that’s usually the case.

Nobody can say.

Nobody knows what year this Toyota pickup is.


Sorry. 1987 XtraCab Deluxe long-bed 4-cylinder carbureted 5-speed manual transmission, red, AC (broken years ago, never fixed)

You might be looking at a carb rebuild.

The ethanol in today’s gasoline can damage the rubber components/pot metal carb body.

In Minnesota, we can purchase non-oxy gas just for this reason.


The choke was stuck. 15 years ago it froze (17 below) and the arm attached to the bimetallic coil popped out of its seat. It was riveted on. I had to drill out the rivets, put the arm back into the coil’s loop, thread it for gauge 6 screws, screw it on. It’s held up until now.