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My engine rattles when I'm on an incline. And I live in SF!


I have a 1996 Saturn SL with over 200,000 miles. It won’t stop running, but the engine rattles terribly, especially when I’m on a slope, usually going downhill. And I live in San Francisco, so…I’ve got that going for me! Sometimes the engine makes such a loud clunk that it feels like it’s going to drop out of the car completely. Is this an easy fix? Clearly something is loose, and most likely it’s the engine, if not everything else, but is it possible to tighten things up without paying the cost of another car with fewer miles? Your reply would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Robert

Your Saturn may need new motor mounts. Of course, at 200K miles it may need a lot of other things, too, but I’d have the motor mounts inspected if this were my car.

Have the tranny mounts inspected too.

The engine and transmission are kind of a single unit. Have the mounts inspected and replaced if necessary. Not that big a deal…