My dog hates my 2017 BMW X1



My dog hates my BMW X1. He loved our Subaru Cross Trek. He pants and paces in the back of our X1. He doesn’t mind the car if it’s off, but when we put the car in gear, he get’s upset. Any ideas why?


My guess there is a sound he can hear that humans can’t.


Or a vibration he can feel through his feet…


Maybe the above plus too much space. Animals often feel more secure in a pet carrier. Makes sense. They and the people are more secure with the animals in the pet carrier.

We sometimes let our 2 cats loose in the van. Soon one or both choose to go into a carrier or onto a favored spot on the back seat.


The BMW does not appear to be much, if any, larger than the Subaru.


Maybe it will take a while for the dog to get used to your new ride. You might also get a harness and attach it to the seat belt. Not only will the dog stay in one place, it’s safer for her.


I agree with a sound thing, maybe you need these!


A dog listening to I-tunes!
We’ve come a long way since the RCA Victor Victrola days.


That’s one cute little pal you have there, Barky.


Wait… What? I thought that was Barky!


Does the Subaru have more window area/better visibility than the X1 from the rear seat? Or is the visibility forward (from where the dog is) better in the Subaru? Maybe something to do w/that. My dog didn’t like riding in the back of my Corolla nearly as much as riding in the front seat of my truck, and the complaint always started when the vehicle started moving. My speculation was the dog didn’t like looking out at things going by sideways through the side windows, and preferred looking out the front window.


I hear you! Sort of like my not liking to ride in a back seat and never ever riding on the back of a motorcycle? I too want to see what’s coming, not to mention being somewhere near the controls!


There are so many jokes I could make about people who don’t like German cars for various reasons, but they all cross the line into political incorrectness or skate the line between humor and Antisemitism, so I think I’ll be keeping those to myself.

If you want to know where I’m coming from, watch Sarah Silverman’s video Jewish People Driving German Cars (“It’s the opposite of FUBU”).


A college friend’s father owned three car dealerships in Brooklyn, NY. One of them was VW. They are Jewish, and the dad would not attach his obviously Jewish name to the franchise. The Lincoln-Mercury dealership was named after him, though.