My car is Bucking- or at least, severely hesitating

My car Bucks- SOMETIMES-at any speed -when I apply acceleration. Also- the overdrive button on the console shifter (automatic) doesn’t work any longer. I have had it in 3 times w/o any solution. Any ideas.

At least the second part is easy. The overdrive gear will not engage unless the engine is running smoothly. Your engine has a misfire in one or more cylinders. Your engine light should be on. Have the car tested at a local shop or dealer to determine the cause of the misfire.

I’m not sure how anyone is supposed to really say anything that is of any use.

What year is the car? How many miles are on it? When is the last time the spark plugs & wires were replaced? How about fuel and air filters? Is the check engine light on? If so has anyone pulled any error codes from it? (Many auto parts stores will do this for free).

You’ve had it - well, someplace - 3 times. How about you clue people in as to what has been done over those three times? The first ideas given here will likely be the same ones that the shop has had. So try to save everyone some time by reporting as much info as you have.

I sometimes joke around with my kids by putting my hand behind my back and asking them how many fingers I am holding up. So far your question is sort of like that.