My Car is a Lemon


After much discussion last time around, I filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency last month.

Today I finally heard from an Audi Mediator and I explained the whole story and told him I wanted a buy back or another car.

He told me that under Maryland law they are entitled to try and fix the problem once a complaint has been filed. I told him that they had 8 chances to fix it. They have replaced the brake pads and calipers and the noise is still there and getting louder and worse every time I drive it. But since it is and intermittent noise the dealer claims that if they don’t hear it there is no problem. Even though they have heard it in the past.

I asked the Audi Rep, if they did not hear a noise why then did they replace parts that did not need replacing? I also asked him what happens if the factory rep. hears it and can fix it, am I stuck with the car?

His answer was yes, because the car now is fixed. And if the factory rep. doesn’t hear a noise, then there is no problem and I am still stuck with this car. So either way I am screwed. All this servicing has greatly diminished the value of the car, even though it only has 3,000 miles on it.

But looking through all my papers, I have filed to separate complaints with 2 different lawyers.With the first lawyer I never got a response from Audi. The second lawyer emailed me saying Audi wanted to give me $2500 and I got to keep the lemon.

This is the first time I have heard from Audi directly. Every time I filed a complaint I have a service record that shows the car was back in the shop for another attempted repair.

Every record says customer complains of a loud groaning noise coming from the steering. Yet they never did anything to the steering except top off the fluid. But they replaced the brakes parts.

Can anyone explain this, and does anyone know anything about this law? After 8 tries do I have to let them try and fix it again?

My mediator at the Consumer Protection Agency is on Vacation, can’t get any answers from her. Plus as she has told me a few times, she is not a lawyer.

Hello H Kara…

For the sake of continuity, please post this in your initial thread:

To get another car you will have to follow the process as it is established in your state. If the mediator has the final word in ordering Audi to do a car buy back then you have to follow whatever procedures and process the mediator determines to be appropriate for your case.

Just because you want another car, or feel Audi sold you a lemon that means nothing until the mediator agrees with your position. At this point all you can do is follow the process and see if your position is upheld by the mediator.