My car floor is flooding



Dear All,

I have a 1995 Eagle Talon Esi (MNF. 1994) and it is literally flooding. The coolant somehow surfaces on the car floor, bubbling up from somewhere underneith !!! The car drives fine, otherwise. Of course, I won’t drive it due to fear of drowing, plus it drains the coolant.

My new neighber insists that the heater core is broken. I am just wondering if anyone can second that?


2nd that motion, i’m not familiar with the car, check the firewall pass side, two hoses (about 3/4 inch diameter) either pass through(doubt it), or terminate at their connection to the h/core. there is a remote possibility a bad hose attachment is squirtin’ coolant inside,but don’t count on it.

plug or connect hoses together with sleave, you’ll have no defrosters or heat, but it’ll keep you rollin’


Thanks, mjpich! You can’t imagine my supprise when the car started gaining water. I couldn’t figure out if it was raining inside or what! I never thought the engine could leak into the car interior but I guess so. Hopefully, it’s worth fixin.


assuming you have determined it’s definately coolant, heater cores can take considerable time and patience(sweat equity or $), good luck.