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My car eats ignition coils

'02 Taurus with 3.0L Duratec. This car is eating ignition coils. I need to change the IC for the fourth time in about 3 years. First and third time replaced by dealer (I was out of town for extended period and wife took car in). Second time I replaced with coil purchased at dealer. This morning, the car started exhibiting same symptoms; engine light flashing, engine missing and running rough (under load, it idles and starts fine). I’ll pull the code when I get home but it seems to be exactly like the THREE previous occasions. Any thoughts on what might be up? Each time, replace coil and car runs like a champ for 8 to 10 months (give or take) and then I get the same missing and rough running under load.

If the coils are actually failing then any one or more of the following will kill coils.
Moisture or water in the plug wire towers.
Aged and corroded plug wires or wires with resistance that is too high.
Aged and/or misfiring spark plugs.
Spark plugs in which the gap is too wide.

In a nutshell, all of the above can stress the coil, cause it to have to work harder, and fail because of that.

Common affliction. My 04 mazda6 has the same engine. I’ve replaced coils on numerous occassions. New plugs and wires have not prevented this. My independent mechanic actually stocks these coils due to the number of Fords he works on.

Does this engine have a coil for each individual cylinder, or does it have one ignition coil with 6 towers on it?


Original Duratec RFF (not the '07 and later DAMB) so no Coil On Plug.

Are you using OEM plugs, and has their condition been checked?

I replaced plugs and wires (OEM) when I made a second replacement. The previous wires and plugs appeared fine (including plug gaps).