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My car dies when I start it & the battery & oil light come on. 1999 chevy cavalier

When I start my car it bogs down, dies, & the battery & oil light come on. I am able to start it & rev it up & then go but will die & I do the same then it goes, but recently acts as if it is dying while driving.
It started a couple weeks ago while I was driving but restarted & figured it was the battery as it was old & tested badly. I bought a new battery, changed the oil, & air filter for maintenance & it ran fine for a could weeks.
Now it is wise than when it started & dies more often.
Do you think it could be the plug & wires or alternator?
Do not feel like spending a lot of money to go through every part.
1999 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L 5 speed.

The battery and oil light come on when a car stalls so that’s likely an effect, not a cause.
Does the check engine light come on?

It just recently had the past couple days.

If the CEL has come on, then you need to have the stored trouble codes read–free of charge–at an auto parts retailer. If you use trouble codes as your starting point, you shouldn’t have to “go through every part”.

That being said, if you have been “cheaping out” on maintenance, that is a likely cause of the problem, but the codes do need to be checked in order to find out where to begin looking for the cause of the problem.

+1 with VDC. If the check engine light comes on, it means it had a problem and stored a code related to it.
You can get those codes checked for free at Pepboys or Autozone. They’ll try to sell you something after they check so just say ‘no, thank you’ and report back with those codes here.

No lack of maintaining the vehicle. Been kept up since I got it a year ago.
I do thank you & will take it in.
Report back asap.