My 97 gmc sierra 2500 pick up 4x4

if its rainning and i dont drive my truck for 24 hours it wouldnt start…and if the next day is warm and sun shinning it start right away no problems…lately early morning on my way to work it looks like it stal when i drive but 30 minutes later no problem…need help please

How many miles on the truck? Have you tried new spark plug wires & distributor cap (if it has one)?

over 200000 miles…i was just thinking about changing wires and spark plugs …i didnt do that for over a year now

You must concentrate on things that would cause a total no-start condition. Plugs and wires would not prevent starting but they could lead to a extreme misfire condition, but the truck would still act as if it wanted to start.

so what are the things that can cause a total no-start condition?