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My 89 Honda Civic 1.5l 4 speed dont have the power it should have?

It drags ass and bogs in first and second gear. No jump to it at all. Ive replaced fuel pump,fuel filter,brakes,brakelines,valve cover gasket,spark plugs,spark plug hoses,exhaust manifold,timings good. What else can it be?

Dont have the power it shouldve

Have you had the valves adjusted? Has the fuel pressure been checked, I didn’t see the fuel pressure regulator listed. Have you checked the O2 sensor, I don’t think it is monitored on this model, you need a voltmeter to check it.

yeah everythings good im thinking the distributor maybe?

How many miles on it? How’s the compression? How’re the fuel injectors, good spray pattern? Plugged up catalytic converter?

A general lack of power usually points to a worn engine, clogged converter, retarded ignition timing, or a timing belt not aligned correctly.

What does timing good mean? Cam? Ignition? Assuming the cam timing is correct how was the ignition timing checked?

A Honda mechanic friend has seen distributors cause sluggish performance in this vintage.

4 speed?

How many miles on the '89 Civic?