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My 4-door car is now a 3-door car

A backseat passenger in my 1996 Acura Integra LSS (I’ve been the only owner) accidentally caught the metal seat belt clip in the door – and the door closed. Now it’s sealed tight as can be and will not open from either the inside or out. However, the locks work. Is there any way to get my door open without destroying the door (or making a boat payment for my favorite mechanic)?

I had this happen to a different kind of car and finally resolved it by pushing hard from the inside of the car while my next door neighbor pulled from the outside (brute force method). We tried this for a few minutes (rocking the door in and out) and it finally came open. Good luck…I was about ready to give up when mine worked free.

I’m with Steve. The brute force method is probably the only way to go. Have someone lay on the back seat and push with both legs while someone holds the outside handle up. It may even take a good kick or two.