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My 2007 Murano SUCKS! HELP!

I have had my 2007 Nissan Murano for 1 year. I am a BAD driver that doesn’t let my car warm up (I know!) & it takes me a total of 5 minutes to drive to work (NO…my next set of wheels will NOT be Schwinn!)…My gas mileage has deteriorated to less than 11 MPG !!! I have brought it to the dealer & the typical answer: “well, we plugged it into the computer…nothing wrong” (oh…& rhe dealer also told me that I was in the minority of disliking the car) …then, I emailed Nissan Corporate…they called me & “tactifully” told me to “remove some weight out of the car”…WTF!! My ONLY extra weight is an ice scraper! (are they trying to tell me to go on a diet? damn!!!)… Before I get rid of this, any suggestions? I love sporty, fun, but still like an SUV-type vehicle. I have no kids or hubby, but don’t like to borrow a pickup to carry my big stuff I like to buy. I NEED 4 wheel drive (upstate NY). Suggestions, please!!! Thank you!

No help on your next car. But, often manufacturers do NOT recommend warm-up’s for cars. Some people make a valid (IMO) choice to do it anyway, but following manufacturer’s recommends does usually not make you a BAD driver.

I am curious what your gas mileage used to be, deteriorated to 11 mpg. A FWD SUV driven on five minute trips, in the winter, wouldn’t seem likely to get much better than that general area. Do remember winter mileage would be expected to be lower.

you wanna run with the big dogs, expect to get bit by the big dogs!

in other words, take the foot off the pedal a little, ease up the gas, and drive a little more conservatively.

if that does’nt help, then try changing gas octane. BTW what octane do you usually use? 87, 89 91? what is recommended by Nissan?

OK…First: I cannot drive over 30 (I pretty much don’t go over 25-40 due to the cops in the area). I am right around the corner from my job & it’s all rural driving. Second: I use only premium. I don’t mind paying the extra $,20 a gal for what the car recommends. The dealer actually told me to use the cheaper grade, but I did that once & my car started bucking, so I never did that again. Whye I forst got the car it was getting around 15-18. It’s been nothing but downhill since then. I even just took it on a highwat roadtrip. It usually does about 22-25 on the highway. This time I only got 17 mpg. I was getting that with my 2001 Toyota 4-Runner! Any suggestions?

Have you tried starting with all of the really simple and basic things like, for example, checking your tire pressure and air filter? Do an internet search on ways to improve gas mileage and you’ll come up with lots of simple, basic stuff to try before you decide to condemn the car. For example, other than tire pressure and air filter: fuel filter, spark plugs/wires, tire condition, alignment, …

Start with checking tire pressure.

I agree with checking the tire pressure first off. After that, drop by a local AutoZone, Checkers, etc. and have them scan the vehicle for you. They will perform this service for you free.

If no codes are present then it’s just about going to be tire pressure, your driving habits, gasoline formulation, etc. or a combination of those things.
If there is any abnormal problem in the engine management system there will be a code(s) present.

Frankly I suspect the only thing you can do is to get a smaller more fuel efficient car. Considering the short drive you have now, the cost of changing cars can’t be justified by fuel savings, so I suggest sticking with what you have.

BTW letting a car warm up before driving it, is not recommended by the manufacture or myself. It is harder on the car than just driving it.

However I do suggest that you read your owner’s manual because you certainly fit in the server conditions category and you will need to follow the special maintenance schedule (more often service like oil changes.)


I have to agree with all of the previous bits of advice that have been given. And, even though I don’t recommend trading in your Murano at this point, you should be aware that you can buy AWD vehicles that get much better mileage than an SUV, two examples being the Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe and the Subaru Impreza.

One other point is to clarify what Mr. Meehan stated–“However I do suggest that you read your owner’s manual because you certainly fit in the server conditions category and you will need to follow the special maintenance schedule (more often service like oil changes.)”

Mr. Meehan obviously intended to state that your driving patterns certainly fit in the SEVERE (not server) conditions category, and that you should follow the maintenance schedule listed for severe driving conditions.

The engine CTS (Coolant Temperature Sensor) informs the engine computer of the engine’s temperature. When the engine gets warm, the engine computer uses that temperature information to take the engine off the rich (fuel to air ratio) mixture, and begins to control the engine fuel use (making it leaner). A leaner mixture of fuel to air uses less fuel, and yields better fuel mileage than if it were delayed by a CTS which indicates that the warm engine is still too cool.

A capable, knowledgeable, mechanic could measure the temperature of the radiator (with an infra-red thermometer) and compare it to the temperature indicated from the CTS, with a scan tool. If the CTS indicates a lower temperature than the radiator temperature indicated with the infra-red thermometer, the CTS needs to be replaced with one which reads correctly.

The spark plugs may be fouled from that slow speed driving and rich running engine. The air filter may be dirty. Replace them.
It could help (no guarantee) to use a cleaner, like Sea Foam, in the gas. Available at auto parts stores.

You treat your vehicle fine. Don’t worry about fuel consumption its perfectly normal for a cold engine to get 11MPG for the first few miles if driven at slower speeds.

If your doing long distance driving too and get this MPG then there is an issue. But if your driving mostly this 11 MPG is fine if your computing that accurately. I think you will find your MPG increase as temps rise outside too.

We are also shifting from the winter blend fuel and colder weather to summer fuel and warmer weather. Keep driving it a while and see if the summer conditions improve your MPG.

Your driving habits are normal. The 11 MPG during the 5 minute trip to work is also normal. Most drivers will not achieve the stated window sticker fuel mileage. A cold engine only compounds the issue. And having sold Nissans in the past, you are in the minority I never met a Murano owner who did not rave about the vehicle.

Those who live by the SUV, die by the SUV. Other than hatred of children, Earth, and oxygen, there is no reason for one person to make such short rides in a gas-guzzler like that.

It’s a personal choice on what vehicle you choose to drive. For example; Do I need to drive a Mustang with 365 RWHP every day when a Metro would do the same job for alot less money? No, but the Metro won’t put a smile on my face like my Mustang does. The 11 MPG is definately on the absolute lowest end of the scale for the Murano, as far as SUV’s go it’s one of the more fuel efficent models. On trips of more usual distances, these cars do better, 16 MPG is about average for city driving, on the highway it’s about 23-24.