My 2000 Bonneville


Hey all,

I drive a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville, and at some point between driving to and fro school, the car began to misbehave, starting with the oil PSI gauge dodging back and forth between the numerical digit “40” (middle number). The needle would sink well below 40 at a stop, and at acceleration, exceed well past 40. A little bothersome, until she started to stall on me, specifically while stopping and going. It has happened 6 times now, and I have taken it to a car mechanic who has thus far (1) Cleaned the ground wires and battery plugs, (2) replaced the fuel receptor plug. I knew it wasn’t fixed because of the oil PSI gauge, and sure enough, I stalled at an intersection. Now that all confidence is lost in the mechanics ability, I have resorted to the car manual and by chance found that a bad fuel relay fuse will make the oil gauge dodge just like mine. So I bought this fuse relay for the car, and despite what the car manual I purchased and the manual that comes with the car, the relay fuse is no where to be found. It isn’t in the fuse box this the purchased manual says it is, and the glove compartment manual denies its very existence. So I took it back to the mechanic to as the “profession”, yeilding no results…Any ideas of where else the fuse relay might be, or what other diagnoses these symptoms could lead to? Thanks a lot!



Check if the oil pressure sending unit is OK.


You may have a fuse/relay box under the hood. Most are located close to the battery.