My 1988 chevy conversion van



The thermostat in my 1988 van is shot! The van is used only for leisure, but it is really a beast and runs great. Do you think it would be worth it to get it fixed and how much would be reasonable to spend at a garage to get it done?


If you really enjoy the vehicle and do want to keep it, get an estimate. It should not be very much and I can’t give you an estimate as to what is “not very much” because of my off shore location.


Chevy vans can be difficult to work on, if the “conversion” makes the dog-house difficult to remove, that the job is that much more difficult…Changing the thermostat, by itself, is an inexpensive and simple repair. You might even be able to do it yourself. But first you must gain access to the other end of the upper radiator hose. Under that housing is where the $9 thermostat resides…


Even if the van is only used for leisure, you should get the thermostat replaced.

In addition to helping to provide adequate heat for passengers, the thermostat keeps the engine in the proper heat range for optimum fuel mileage, and it actually helps to reduce wear and tear on the engine. When an engine consistently runs too cold, it uses more gas, the excess gas dilutes the motor oil, and engine wear is accelerated.

This will cost more to replace than on…let’s say…and old Chevy sedan with a totally accessible straight-six engine, but the cost will be worth it in terms of reduced fuel cost and longer engine life.


I would think $125.00 would be the upside for a replacement. If you can go to the library and consult a manual you could do it for $15, assuming you follow directions.