Multiple Radiator Issues Over Past Several Years

I’ve been having multiple radiator issues over the past several years and two different cars. I have a quick question - applying significant force to tighten the radiator overflow reservoir cap isn’t going to crack the reservoir or damage anything is it? Is it possible to use too much force? I have been making sure it’s just very tight not godzilla tight…

Turn the cap until it stops turning.

That’s it!


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Thanks Tester. Any danger of cracking the reservoir from too much force? Also just gently tightening is enough?

As @Tester says gently tightening is enough. The cap will stop moving, then you stop. It does not need to be torqued down.

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Radiator problems or coolant reservoir problems ?

Just what are these problems ? What have you done to solve them ?

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I believe the old car had a overflow reservoir replacement as well as several other coolant part malfunctions like 2-3 of them. The new one had a leaking thermostat wand water pump then a cracked overflow reservoir. All issues dealt with by the local mechanic.

Coolant reservoir OR coolant overflow ?

If the pressure cap is on the radiator = coolant overflow
If the pressure cap is on the reservoir = coolant reservoir

Pretty sure it was the overflow.

Whether the reservoir is pressurized or not, it is still a reservoir. “Over flow” containers are something from the 1970’s.

What is a thermostat wand?

I think it’s supposed to be thermostat AND water pump

I think there needs to be some clarity on this issue. You refer to radiator issues then mention water pump, thermostat, coolant bottle, along with old car. They are not all one and the same and age takes a toll on the entire system.

Maybe the reason for the force needed to tighten the radiator cap is due to the rubber seal on the cap becoming fossilized. It should not take much to rotate the cap until it’s at the stops.

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Thanks guys. I meant thermostat and water pump. Also the cap didn’t need force, that’s just my style. From now on will be more gentle. I was just wandering if excessive force when tightening the cap could cause some of the problems mentioned or any problem in the first place.

If you don’t do something, like apply excessive force, there’s no need to worry about the negative effects it may or may not have.