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Multiple electrical gremlins

I’ve got a 1992 Lincoln Towncar that runs like a dream. I love it but it is suffering from many failures in the convenience package. Nothing so far has affected the performance. The power door locks, power seats, power wing mirrors, power gas access flap, cigarette lighter, automatic antenna lowering have all failed over the last 12 months. There may be others that I haven’t noticed since I don’t drive in inclement weather or at night. The fuses are good and don’t fail/ turn dark when replaced. Is there possibly one module / part that could impact so many areas? I live in the Detroit area and recently lost my job. I hope it’s not too expensive to repair.

Sorry to hear of your job loss. There are many of us who are very angry at the people and groups (NOT consumers) who have caused this economic injury to our country.
You do have a consortium of electrical problems. I don’t have the wiring diagrams to see what these circuits may have in common. I’m going to leave that to you.
You can get the wiring diagrams from the Internet. One catch. You’ll have to pay for them ($5 to $25, depending on supplier). The repair manual might have the wiring diagrams.
Once you have the wiring diagrams, print them. Trace, actually trace with colored pencils, the circuits which go from, and to, each system which has is a problem.
This will reveal what they may have in common. Particular places to check are wiring connectors, and where the wire bundle goes around corners, and where feet, a sliding seat, or something else may contact the wires. Of course, use a multimeter.

I agree with hellokit. I’d also like to add that electrical gremlins in older luxury cars with so many ‘creature comforts’ is inevitable. The circuits and components get old, worn, and begin to fail. Most of the components you mention were designed to give 6-7 years of dependable service. After 10 years, they become suspect. Now at 15-16 years old, they are dropping like flies. It could be the circuit or the components themselves.

I, myself, long time owner of cars past their prime, would suggest that you spend the money on fixing the stuff you cannot do without, like the cigarette lighter, or a power window, when it fails. For some of the other stuff, find work-arounds that basically remove the power component from the mix. The power antenna can be replaced with a non-power model. The wing mirrors can still be adjusted manually, by adjusting the glass itself. Power door locks can be ignored. Power seats can sometimes be manipulate into a working position for you then disconnected. Other drivers would simply have to deal with it.

I believe that, unfortunately, that most of these items are on different circuits. Please visit I believe that it will be a great resource for you in keeping your baby functional. There are a lot of knowledgeable posters there who can help you out.

Find the ground wire from the engine to the firewall or fender and clean the end that isn’t connected to the engine. Scrape it well and reconnect it. Hope.