Muffler Fibers



I have a 1997 ford escort lx wagon. I just had it repaired recently for a broken coil unplug. While driving it prior to repair, we noticed a long snake-like material coming out of the tail pipe. It was black and silver and felt like a fiberglass material but it looked like a horsetail. I just had a new muffler installed. I’m wondering what this could have been. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Any ideas??


Sounds like your new muffler is coming apart - go back to the muffler shop.


This phenomenon HAS been posted before…It must be fiberglass packing from the muffler…You don’t see this very often…


It’s the fiberglass packing from your muffler, and it shouldn’t be coming out. I’d go back to wherever you got the muffler.


Muffler fiberglass packing? This is really interesting. Well i did word my question wrong, since this actually happened with the old one, not the new one i just got. Thank you very much. It was such a mystery to me.


Since it is the old muffler that is growing a beard I would not worry about it. No harm is being done. I do suggest some Barbasol and a pair of scissors.