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MRL's 03' Eclipse

What could be causing my ignition coil to keep shorting out.I have replaced the coil twice within 7 days.

Is it shorting out or burning out?

I’m not to mechanically savvy. What would be the difference? My mechanic used the term shorted out, when he replaced it.

shorting out would be a fault within the coil or the wiring to it. Burning out would happen if too much power went through the coil. If it’s really shorting out, and the wiring is good, then you just got unlucky and got a defective coil the first time it was replaced.

The wiring lead going from the engine to the coil pack on the passenger side when disconnected smells of electrical burn. The car will start but runs extermely rough. Also as with the two other failures the “check engine” light is on. Could the electrical burn smell indicate bad wiring?

Usually the Ignition Module limits the current draw of the coil. The other end of the primary winding is usually connected directly to the battery B+ through the ignition switch or a relay. A capable,well equipped technician should be able to monitor the dwell cycle of the ignition module so steer him/her in that direction. Alternatively, just replace the ignition module under suspicion.

Hope this helps.