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MR2 a classic?

I have a 1991 Toyotal MR2 (turbo) which I really love. It was going great until about 145K miles, but in the last year it’s been problem after problem, & I’ve poured $$$$ into keeping it going. So now I’m worried about reliability, plus it’s getting hard to find the parts. But all the “guys” (no, not my mechanic) tell me it’s a “classic” & I should keep it going because it will be worth a lot of money. At this point I’m not sure what to think or do. Is my MR2 a classis worth pouring $$$ into? Or should I bite the bullet & start thinking new car?

Maybe one of a very few Japanese cars that could be consider a classic. If I had one I would Keep it. But not as a primary driver.

It’s a hobby car, worth whatever $$ you will enjoy spending on it. It is not going to be worth big $$ any time soon, maybe never. It has its fans, but there are few 1991 cars of any make that are ‘classics’. There will always be fans, but I wouldn’t keep it just on the hope of $$.

Check on line to see what it’s worth. If everything works, the body is straight, the paint looks great, and mechanicals are fine, you could get several thousand dollars for it. But that doesn’t mean it’s an everyday driver anymore.|Used|!&_dmpt=US_Cars_Trucks&_mqf=0&_qfkw=1&_sop=7&_trksid=p4506.c0.m273&_myi=1989-1994&_fpos=21042&_lsbx=0&_fspt=0&_flso=0&Make=Toyota&Model=MR2

The original “pocket rocket”. I would kep it as a hobby car, but it has not reached anything near “classic” yet.

If you are talking “true classic” then it is not and never will be. Someday this will be a collector car and that’s about it. Will it be worth lots of money? If it is running good, no wrecks, good paint, etc., it might be worth plenty in 50-60 years. I am not being sarcastic, it will take years for it to be worth a bunch of dough.

There are many things today which we throw out which someday will be worth a lot of money. If you keep everything, including cars, that will someday be worth a lot of money, you will need a large acreage to store it all, and you will constantly be sued by local government for environmental and other violations. Seriously.

When someone tells you to keep it because someday it will be worth a lot, ask him how much he will pay you for it. No one will accept, in my opinion, though if someone does, there is your sucker, I mean customer.

Talk is always cheap when you are telling someone else what to do. Get some better wheels if you can afford it.

The key question is do you enjoy driving it enough to overlook the repairs.

Don’t let the idea of “classic” mean anything. They admire your car but do not pay to keep the relic rolling.

Cars are a disposable consumer good, your just happens to be a great one sadly ending it (inexpensive to run) life.

Yep, some with pretty high asking prices. I looked at ‘completed items’, top bid was $4000 for one with lots of extras.