Moving to Florida

I am moving to Florida from northern Indiana, good for me! I don’t know what to do with the snow tires attached to wheels for my Mercedes SL500. No one will buy them. I have a suggestion that I tkae the tires and wheel to a tire shop and have them remove and discard the tires and then take the wheels down to Florida with me. any other suggestions?

Have you tried listing them on craigslist?? 2 or 4 tires, steel or mag wheels??

No I did not list them on Craig’s list, is that easy perhaps I will try. I don’t know if they are steel or mag wheels, how do I tell?

The SL500 was in production from 1980 through 2006. The wheels likely changed a bit over the 27 year run. What year is yours? You can also get the information from the tire. There is a series of numbers, like 255/40-18. Be sure to check one front snow tire and one rear snow tire since the SL500 does not use the same size tires on front and back. You may not be using standard sizes for snow tires, either. When you list the tires for sale you need to tell the buyer what the size is in case they want to fit them to something other than a 500SL.

I forgot…People who drive SL-500’s don’t have a clue about craigslist…

Lets see. You have two mounted snow tires on factory alloy wheels and you probably paid about a Grand for the package, right??

I have 4 mounted snow tires on BSS wheels bought through Tire Rack specifically for this car. I found a buyer for them through a used tire store today. Sorry if I sound so stupid, this is all new to me, thanks for your help. Now I have to buy a new car in Florida!

Well, just as a point of info, the SL500 started in 1994 with the change in nomenclature where the letters now precede the number. It is a 129 chassis, which started in 1990 as a 500SL, when the number still preceded the letters.
A 500SL in 1980 would of been an Euro only model on the 107 chassis. It was never sold in the US, but there are a few gray market models around. The US versions were the 380SL and the 560SL starting in 1986.
So I’m guessing the OP’s car is a 1994 or newer model.
The SL model line itself started in 1954 and is still going 55 years later.

I know, that’s more info than anybody wanted, but it does help with proper diagnoses when the right chassis is identified.


New car? I thought you were just wanting to sell the snow tires and wheels. You could have sent the car to me. I’d have loved it an cared for it for you and granted hefty visitation rights. Oh well, have fun being warm in the winter and hot in the summer.

Thanks it was leased and the lease is up and I put 60,000 miles on it. I hope to buy the same car, same year less miles and NO snow tires! I love this car.