Moving from SUV to compact

I’m about to switch from a Nissan Pathfinder to a more efficient car. Got married recently and my husband has a Toyota Tundra, so we’re set for 4wd and big cargo space. I’ve had a SUV for the past 14 years, and loved them, but I hate the gas mileage. I’m looking at the Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, and Kia RioS, as affordable vehicles. Anyone have any experience with these cars, or switching from SUV to a smaller car? I’m a little worried about moving to a smaller size - I’m tall, with long legs. It’s at least 2 hours so most of of my shopping has been online so far. Any advice?

Sorry - about 2 hours to the nearest car dealer, or likely used car,

First off, congrats on getting hitched. May your marriage be long and happy.
Second, I have a Hyundai Accent hatchback, and I enjoy it. I regularly get over 40mpg, and the hatchback design allows me to carry a ton of stuff. I went on a 13,000km cross-Canada road trip in the Accent, full uf about 4 weeks of supplies and camping stuff. Sure it was cramped a bit, but it all fit, and the car ran, and still runs fine. It’s easy to maintain, it’s cheap to insure, it’s dirt cheap to buy (mine’s an 02 that I got two years ago for $7500[Canadian] with only 24,500km on it), and you can get a new one for around $11,000. And there’s plenty of room for the front passenger and driver, although rear passenger space is somewhat limited, but still useable.
Only thing I don’t like about the Accent - lack of power, which is one thing you’ll notice going from an SUV to a subcompact. My Accent comes equipped with a 1.5l 4 cylinder engine, making only 92hp (optimistically - it also has an automatic transmission, so the actual power transmitted to the wheels might be around 80hp). For more power, you might want a Fit.
Of the three you mentioned, the Fit, Accent and Rio, I’d go for the Accent, purely due to price and reputation. The Kia is roughly the same vehicle, but Hyundai has been producing quality cars a few years longer (since around 2000, Kia’s been good only since around 03 when Hyundai took Kia over) and I believe the Hyundai dealer network is a bit more widespread.

However, you should test drive all of them and see which one you like and fit in the best.

And again, congratulations.

Stay with suv and get a toyota rav4 30mpg and still plenty of room.

Thanks for the good wishes. We’ve been married almost 2 years now - 2 old fogies, but adjusting to life with someone quite well. We live 2 hrs from a small city, so most of our highway trips are to shop and the Tundra hauls quite nicely. Mine would be for around town, tho I haul locally - recycling from home and office, and a large dog. I also like the idea of buying used, one trouble with the Fit being so new. I hate giving up my 4wd, but for the few times when I get off road without my hubby, it doesn’t seem worth it to guzzle gas. Will look seriously the hyundai.

The RAV would be nice, but out of our price range.

Yeah, the Hyundai you’ll be able to find cheaper, since the Rio has only been good since 03… the Accent has been good since 2000, so you could find a reasonably well maintained 01 or 02 Accent for probably no more than $6000.
Also, just a thought, maybe look at a Hyundai Elantra. It’s a little bit larger than an Accent, but has more power and space, as well as more accessories. Again, they’ve been good since 2000.