Moving from Alaska to the South

My son, who is in the Army and based in Fairbanks, Alaska, has a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Limited. He will be discharged this summer. Would it make more sense to have the Montero shipped home to Arkansas, or sell it and buy something else down here? I presume that cars sold up there have some modifications made to them to allow them to function in the extreme cold. Would those mods allow it work efficiently in the Arkansas summer heat, would it need to be remodified, or is it as simple as changing to a different weight oil?

Hal Schulz

It’smuch easier to move from Alaska south than the other way. I would bring the car back provided the army pays for the transport. If not, it may be profitable to sell it since cars are more expensive in Alaska.

Don’t worry about the “modifications”, they are usualyy only a larger battery, block heater, and thin oil in the crankcase.

If he leaves in the early summer, it is a beautiful drive down the Alaska highway and then through Canada on the way home. Again, if Uncle Sam pays his travel expenses.

I agree with Doc. But be sure to tell him that if he ships it south he should get the fluids and filters changed to whatever the manual suggests as soon as it gets here.

Give him my sincere thanks for his service.


The army will pay for transport to some central location (I think it’s New Orleans in this case). I hadn’t considered the difference in markets, though. It still may be smarter financially to sell it up there and buy something smaller and more fuel efficient down here.

Thanks for the input.

Do the drive - it’s a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ drive that most people will never do. The Army will pay mileage to the place where his intake was on day one, or an equivalent distance - not one mile more. The price difference for used cars in Alaska wasn’t that much when I lived there - just the added transport for new cars.
Put the Arkansas-grade oil in for your oil change on arrival.
Ditto thanks for his service.
Alaska Dan

Tell your son thanks for keeping us safe. If he does not have the time I would sell the car up there. If he has the time I would suggest driving home doing the speed limit and enjoying the time.

may the Lord God keep him safe !! he should probably keep it. nice car. i dont want to buy it though.

What does he want to do with the car? The oil likly 5-30 would change to 10-30 or 40 in south. Transporting it would be a big expenseas per mile cost.