Move or Sell My Chrysler Cirrus?

I am the original owner of a 1999 Chrysler Cirrus Lxi with 52,000 miles and am about to make an 1,800 mile move. The car has never had any major issues and is still in great condition, but needs about $600 in general maintenance work and it will cost about $800 to have the car hauled. I’m trying to decide whether to do the maintenance and pay to move the car or to sell it and purchase a new/used car after we move. Advice?

An 1800 mile move is not very far; I once put on 7000 miles on in a 3 week vacation. It really comes down to whether you really like this car and the condition it is in. The $600 in maintenance work is probably what you will have to spend on another used car that you purchase in order to get it in top shape. It’s the devil you know vs the devil you don’t know. Your mileage is very low; most posters here get rid of a car when 300,000 miles approaches on the clock.

With respect to hauling the car, can’t you drive it? It would be a nice 2.5 day drive, unless you are moving to Mexico.

Pay for the maintenance and drive the 1800 miles. If the car is reliable and has been well maintained, it should easily make the trip. The money you save in not shipping the car will more than pay for hotel, food, and gas costs.