Motor replaceed no crank

Aftern replaceing motor in a 2002 highlander i have a no crank condition where im not getting power to the 7.5amp started fuse. i have power on 3 of the 4 pins on the starter relay, and good battery voltage… all power in the dash works windows work lights and blinkers work but no power to the white wire with red chaser to the starter. Also i am not hearing the fuel pump engage.

Which end of the white wire did you test? If it’s at the starter, try the other end. If the end away from the starter isn’t getting power, check the connector that plugs into the starter circuit. Keep working back until you find the problem.

I tired from the starter and the fuse block at the 7.5amp fuse… I have power on 3 sides of the starter relay and none to the starter 7.5amp fuse

The blue/white wire should be grounded, if there is power on that wire you have a problem with the park/neutral switch or the end of the wire is not grounded. The ground location for the 4 cylinder engine is on the left side of the cylinder block.

If you have power on 3 pins when attempting to start you are lacking ground on the actuator circuit.

its the 3.0l v6 sorry i should have speified it …also all wheel drive

The ground wire is located on the intake manifold plenum, likely on the back side near the fire wall.

with jumoing the red white wire direct to the batter the fuel pump iengages

For the starter relay to operate properly the blue/white wire needs to supply a ground signal; the transmission must be in park/neutral, the wiring must be connected to the park/neutral switch, the harness ground must be connected to the manifold.

It’s possible that the transmission gear selector and neutral safety switch was disconnected and never reconneted.

i believe i have all ground connected and all connectors connected… the transmission selector wont go into gear without using the little button under the cover for when tow truck operators have to use the selector without a key

I think your problem lies in the shifter somewhere.

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ok update replaced starter relay now turns over and fuell pump works… but wont start

another update i have 2 black double filament wires coming out from underneath the air intake plenum…i cant see where they are coming from nor can tell where they are going or supposed to go to any ideas thanks?