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Motor oil news

it getting hard to find 30 weight motor oil. I notice Walmart in my town don’t sell it. in store or online. I always had lawnmoes that said to use 30 weight. I purchase a new mower the other day and it said to use 10w-30.

Yes, Walmart does have it online but if you need 10w30 that is easy to find. Any auto parts store should have 30w also.

I have an old lawnmower that the manual says to use 30 weight heavy detergent. It was burning oil and smoking badly, so as an experiment I tried 10W-30 full synthetic oil. It was worth the price. The oil consumption went down, the engine exhaust doesn’t smoke nearly as much and I have gotten 2 more seasons out of the mower. I wish I had used the full synthetic when I bought the mower back in 1992.

volvo_v70 i did a double check online at walmart. and they do sell 30wt oil online. but the guy at the store in my town say they no longer sell it their. thanks for your help…

Actually, they do sell 30w but it is in with their lawn mower supplies, not with the rest of the motor oil.

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That makes it unnecessary to even look for 30w oil.

thanks melott I did look in lawnmower supplies, but they have replace that area with Christmas stuff.

have two mower, one call for 30wt and one call for 10w-30.

You don’t have any other stores in town?

Good question. Add parts stores, lawn mower repair shops or even something like Tractor Supply.

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Yep, that’s why when Briggs changed their oil recommendations to full synthetic 5-30 for all of their engines, I switched to Mobil 1 in everything. No more 30 wt and changing oils for the season. Just the same stuff in everything year round. Now if you have a new mower, and its made by MTD or other brands from the same plant, it is either a Briggs or that knock off LCM or Liquid something. They started up when Tech sold out with everything made in China. They look just like Briggs but who knows and good luck getting parts. You can buy the same junk engines at Harbor Freight for $100 so guess I’d just use synthetic 5-30. If its good enough for Briggs, it should work for Liquid Combustion and look alikes. The only 30 wt. I could find was an off brand. No one uses it anymore.

Oh and just in my humble opinion but I’ve got about 7 small engines and have been working on them since I was ten years old. Other than that I don’t know anything.

30W has been a less common oil type for quite some time. But it remains available. My auto parts store always has a little on their shelf. If you don’t want to deal with ordering it online, something I’d prefer to avoid, I expect most auto parts stores will order it for you, call you when it comes in. Just like any other auto part you need that’s not in stock. You local Walmart probably wont’ offer this service; their business model is to snap up the heart of the watermelon, sell the versions of the products that sell in big volumes, and let the other stores sell the lesser used products.

Went to Walmart today. Two years ago, they had 30W in quarts for $4.50 or so in a few brands (Advance Auto had it for about $6.50). Today all they had was Shell Rotella 30W in a gallon jug for $14. I’m good for two more years.

Speaking of Walmart, Mobil has their rebate offer again until the end of the month for Mobil 1 and Super if you buy 5 quarts. But you need the rebate slip. (yeah you can do it on line but then have to download a picture of the receipt, etc. and I’m just not there) So I went to Walmart to get the oil and a rebate slip to save a trip to the farm store. Went to customer service, the oil shelf, and the auto department and they looked at me like I was from Mars. No rebate slip, so I just went to the farm store where they have a whole wall of rebates and two pads of Mobil slips. $12 off Mobil 1 and $7 for regular. Makes me wonder though if maybe the store needs to kick in for the rebate?

Guess I am confused, always used whatever .30, why the interest in a straight weight?

Its what the manuals called for. 30wt in summer and 5 or 10-30 in winter.

Does your grass grow during the winter? Mine stops growing in December. I use whatever oil I have within reach, 5W20, 10W30, 15W40.

Two snow blowers, generator, dozer blade on the lawn mower, so yeah machines run year round.

Was at my Walmart yesterday buying 30 Weight non detergent for my compressor. They had their own brand Super Tech in 20 ounce 30 weight with the mower parts, 30 weight non detergent with the mower parts and regular detergent 30 weight with the automotive oils. Must have had 40 quarts of that. They also had a lot df 10W-40. Don’t know of anything that ever needed that.

Seasonal oil for your snow blowers? I can understand summer/winter use for a garden tractor with a snow blade but not lawn mowers.