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Motor mount life - 2005 Pontiac Vibe

when do motor mounts wear out?

Some seem to last forever and some break and there is not a time or mileage period . It would help to know why you are asking.

Thanks. I bought car 1.5 years ago and it is at 128k. Car spent most time in dry Texas (now in MA). My previous low mileage ford focus wagon needed to have all 3 motor mounts replaced to solve problem. Two separate master mechanics could not ID problem and had me replace everything else ($1500) before they “gave up”… I read on internet and then bought a ford mount for $103 and had one of them instal it, and presto! it was like a new car (you could not hear engine and no more shaking).

I am fearful now about running into hard to diagnose suspension, and old age problems with my smooth running Vibe as even master mechanics seem to be poor diagnostitians, if I had to do it with just my IQ. [one of the mechanics was an instructor at High School who won the Ford award for the year and given lifetime designation).

Relax and don’t worry about what might not happen and if it does then just have it fixed. At 128000 miles who knows what will need repaired.