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Morning Skipping

I own a 1996 Cheverolet Lumina with over 125,000 miles. Every morning when I travel out of my driveway and enter into the street my car will skip and buck for ten miles. Once I turn the car off and it sits for more than an hour the problem ceases. I’ve replaced the fuel pump several months ago and recently the spark plug wires. A tune up was also done about a year ago with new wires, fuel filter, spark plugs etc. It sounds better after the wires, but the problem of the skipping still exists. Has anyone had a problem like this on a GM vehicle and what was the ultimate solution?

Have you checked any engine codes or is there black tape over that? Look this is a computer related issue. You need to find out if the engine temp sensor is correct. A bad sensor will keep the engine too rich as if it is cold. After time the heat may get the laggy sensor to run the car ok. This could be a 15 buck fix but we need more info.