More flushes

You;ve had a discussion on scam fuel line and other flushes in the past couple of shows.

I was talked into a “brake fuluid flush” at 79.99 by a chain that rhymes with Davis the other day. 180 000 miles, no flush that I can remember of before.

Was I taken for a ride?

Brake fluid flush is a very prudent move. If your vehicle never had one brake fluid loses its effectiveness since it takes on moisture.

Consider it $80.00 well spent.

I agree. Brake fluid should be flushed on a regular bases, about every two years. Failure to do so may well not show up at all, until you happen to be driving under the wrong conditions and you may find that you have no brakes and gaining speed going down a hill. Yes, you are now safer than before.

Instead of a flush, I would recommend changing out the fluid in the reservoir every other year, you can do it yourself, it’s cheap, and you get much of the benefit of a flush.

How does that change the fluid at the wheel?

Changing the fluid in the reservoir only is like changing half your oil. Having your brakes flushed or bleeding the system yourself is the only way to change the fluid.

I have my brake hydraulic system flushed every 30k. Why trust old fluid when descending a steep mountain road?

Just one instance of brake fluid boiling as a result of accumulated moisture could wind up causing an accident that is FAR more expensive than a brake fluid flush every 30k.