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Monte carlo power steering

i have a 2006 monte carlo and the power stering pump has blown the return hose 3 times. what is causing this?

What is being used for the return line? This is typically the low-pressure side of the system, so the hose specification is less than the power side. Lots of cars I work on even have this side attached with standard worm-screw hose clamps with hose that looks like heater hose. This, however is not heater hose. It is a special oil-resistant hose, similar the the automatic transmission lines. If they are using typical heater hose, that is the problem.

Also, make sure it is not rubbing on anything moving, or leaning against anything super-hot, like the exhaust manifold or exhaust pipes.

If the problem is pressure related, then there is a problem with the power steering rack. High pressure fluid should not be running through this line.

Make sure there isn’t a screen/filter in the return flow path. If there is one at the attachment to the reservoir, make sure it is not clogged with debris. Any restriction to the return of fluid back to the pump will build pressure as the unpressurized ‘open center’ flow tries to get back. You could T a pressure gauge into the return line to see what the pressure is.

If you find out what the cause is, drop us the solution so we can add it to our list of trouble solutions.