Moldy trunk

2007 Ford Taurus. My wife spilled some drinking water in the trunk 6 weeks ago and we cannot get the pungent smell out. I can’t vsiually see any mildew or mold but the smell suggests mold.


What have you done since the water was spilled? How did you dry the carpet, etc?

fabrize might be worth a try, some drinking water should not be a problem unless it was a 5 gallon jug. I think you have to look at other things but leave the trunk open as much as possible in the sunshine if you can. Scrubbing bubbles is my sanitizer of choice.

either lysol spray or a diluted bleach spray should kill mold…if you can remove the padding and spray the under surface.

Not sure if this applies or not … but my 2003 Taurus had a moldy smell to it. Found out that the spare tire well was full of water from a trunk seal leak. Removed the fiberboard cover that is under the carpter after drying the carpet out and cleaning the tire and tire well then using “Gorilla Snot” to reseal the truck rubber seal. Now it smells “normal”.