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Moist / fog problem toyota yaris 2008 vvti

This is basicaly a small amount of fog or moist at the side of my window glass. Yesterday i left my car in the parking area open space. After 6hrs of work i returned and saw all the windows of my car were completely white (moist/fog). I started the engine & stayed inside for 30mins but still the fog or moist where still there. Is there someone can help me out? Is there something i can do to avoid or prevent the moist or fog?? Thanks

Make sure your AC drain is open, residual water there will increase the humidity in the car.
You could try DampRid, but that will take awhile to reduce excess humidity, plus the chance of spillage from the container.
On dry days, leave your windows a quarter of an inch down.

There’s a buildup of moisture in the cabin (seats, carpets, floor mats) that needs to be driven out.

Running the HVAC on Recirculate is often a big reason this problem develops.

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Did you recently track a lot of snow onto your floor mats?

I do that to DRY the air. The AC condenses the water then the heat bring up the temperature to a comfort level.

Maybe that will dry the air if the AC compressor is on. You can’t always tell if it is on or off. Worth trying. Over the long run, especially in seasons when the AC or defroster is not on much, fresh air is better than recirculated to keep moisture from building up inside.

If the floor mats are damp, removing them and drying them is a good move which can also help the underlying carpet give up some of its moisture.

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You may have a leak and rain water is accumulating somewhere inside the car. See if you can figure out a way to check for dampness under the carpet in the front seat area. Also in the trunk area, especially if there’s a sunken well for a spare tire, check there.

Besides that, some moisture on the inside of the windows when it is cold is going to occur just b/c you are inside driving the car, from breathing, drinking coffee, etc. If that’s what the problem turn out to be, the above ideas are the place to start. I used to roll the window down maybe 1/4 inch on warm days when parking for that problem. And using the fresh air vent setting for the heater.

The fresh air setting helps a lot. When there is that kind of moisture in the car I would park in the sunshine and open a sunward window a tiny bit to let it out. That way you won’t have icing of that open window. It helps.

From the picture the vehicle appears to be parked in a building with the windows closed tight. To allow the moisture to escape the interior of the vehicle leave the windows down a small amount.

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