Mitsubishi woes

gday from ozzy land… please help. my 1998 magan v6 ato lpg/fuel 119000kms, is hard starting when i shift ato lever up and down i get start… but… huge amounts of white smoke from exhust pipes and rough idle no blown gaskets water and oil good… no temp. rise i turned off lpg and run it out dont think gas has problem… could it be my timing belt or injectors

The “white smoke” from the exhaust is probably fuel vapor. You could take a whiff to verify. To start a flooded (excess fuel) engine, hold the gas pedal to the floor while cranking the engine. Ease up on the gas as the engine starts.
An erroneous engine coolant temperature sensor could be causing the rich (excess fuel) start. Fuel injectors that didn’t completely close when the engine was shut could leak fuel into the intake during the shut time, and cause flooding. There is a test for that with a fuel pressure gauge.