Mitsubishi Delica



I drive between Canada and Mexico twice a year. I’m thinking of buying a Mitsubishi Delica. It’s a turbo diesel that gets great mileage. The only problem is it’s a right hand drive. I also worry about service and maintenance. Anyone have any knowledge of these cars, or advice?


How are you planning to buy this car? Is it an old Japanese car imported to Mexico? Depending on how old it is and what state/province, you may or may not be able to register it in the USA or Canada. Also, I know they don’t sell any small mitsubishi diesels in the USA, and I don’t think in Canada either, so knowledgable service will be non-existant and parts will be expensive and months away.


They are importing these cars into Canada. They are 15 years old with low mileage and excellent condition. I have also been looking at Toyota diesel vans and campers.


Hmm… Interesting! Does the importer maintain a stock of parts and a repair staff, or is it up to you to find a parts source and someone to work on them? I’d say even if they do stand behind these, it’s still probably be better to have something with better parts avaliablity and more widely seen by mechanics for long trips in the States and Mexico.

If the diesel van you’re looking at is also about that same age, it might be better because they did sell some Toyota diesels in the US up until the mid-80’s I think, so parts might be slightly more avaliable if its a common engine.