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Missing Check Engine Light

My wife owns a Dodge Journey 2011 6 cylinder AWD. I took it for inspection and it didn’t pass because the check engine light is missing. I removed the dashboard and I see nothing. And I honestly cant take it to a mechanic now cause I work in the field and it’s winter so there’s no work for me now. So I’m seeing if I can do it myself. If anyone knows how to fix this. Please help.

Does the CEL light when you turn the key but do not start it?

The check engine light icon is below the number 3 in the tachometer, inspect the cluster to see is someone has tampered with the light.
Check the PCM with a code reader to see if there are faults present.

Tbh I have never seen it. I’m going crazy. I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos but nothing helps. I took of the dashboard (as you see in picture) but I don’t see no fuses or Lens to change. I’m wondering, if I buy a new dashboard would that fix the problem.

You need to disassemble the instrument cluster to look for damage to the light.

You may have to reprogram a replacement dash, not cheap. A code reader should work whether the cel does or not. Replacing the bulb would be a circuit board repair.

I did this early today.

Yipes. Don’t see any bulb-holders on that board. LEDs for the warning lights?
Looks like you’re going to need a shop manual.

Is there any part labeled Dxxx or LEDxxx in the area Nevada says the check engine light is supposed to be?

There are companies that repair these modules also. Googling might be able to turn some up.

The bulbs in my experience would be on the front side of the board pictured, no bulb holder, soldered into the circuit board, R&R.

I think these are the LEDs.

Yes, and they appear to be surface mount devices. That will make them a challenge to diy’er replace unless you have prior experience.

No experience at all. What happens if I just buy the green thing separately, will that fix my problem?

What is a green thing?

That’s the printed circuit board. Unlikely to be available. You’d have to purchase the entire ass’y, and even that might not be available except used, from an auto recycler’s. The green thing can be fixed sometimes, like I say above, see if you can find a place by Googling that does it for your make/model.

:weary::weary::weary::weary: thanks

As stated previously it may need expensive reprogramming, $300 was the estimate for mine, different car, but a code reader can suffice to indicate what would be lighting the light if it worked.