I have a 98 sable with 140k on it. When driving on highway, say 60/70mph, if I take off my foot from gas pedal, i sense some intermittent pulling while declerating. What could be causing this? Is it misfiring, or any other issue? Recently changed starter as oil pan gasket leaked oil and corroded the starter (that what the mechanic said).

I doubt you’d notice a misfire while decelerating. Also, if the engine misfires it will usually turn on the Check Engine Light. I’d suspect something in the transmission or drive train.

Can you describe the symptoms a bit more? What does “pulling” mean? In which direction is the pull you feel?

‘mcparadise’ Thanks for the feedback. About pulling, well this morning too, before exiting the freeway, when I took off my foot from gas pedal, the deceleration was not smooth, I was feeling somebody is pulling (hold and go) it from behind kindof, when tried to pump gas, there was slight thud, suggesting mismatch between the speed and gas? (don’t know if its making any sense??), feedback appreciated…

Does this car have a tachometer or can you tell if the engine seems to be running at the right speed when you’re cruising on the highway? The symptoms sound like you’re maybe not in your highest gear any more.

I also agree with MC that you wouldn’t feel a misfire while you’re decelerating because most modern cars shut off the fuel supply when you’re decelerating and so technically, all of your cylinders are usually misfiring in that situation!

I would have to respectfully disagree that a misfire could not cause this symptom.
A Ford I ran across some years back exhibited an odd problem that was really causing me some frustration and I can’t explain why to this day.

The car in question would start instantly hot or cold, idle glass smooth, accelerate smooth as silk, but when decelerating or attempting to hold it at a steady speed with a feather touch on the pedal the car would buck and lunge.
The problem turned out to be a corroded plug wire end where it plugged into the coil. That was a new one on me but I’m going to go with the others here at this point and say that is probably not the cause of this in your case.

Maybe it’s caused by an engine/transmission mount. Inspect the right rear mount as this is the one that takes most of the beating and is prone to failure.
While leaving a pullapart salvage yard one time I looked at a number of Taurus/Sable vehicles on the way out (they’re on blocks with the wheels off) and it seems like with almost every one of them this particular mount had failed.