Misfire Mercury Villager

My mercury villager estate is misfiring, running sluggish. I changed the spark plugs, did not change the spark plug wires, they are about 4 months old. What else can I check?

Did you check the wires? I use a multimeter, and if it can push the 9V of the multimeter through, it can push the 40,000V the coil puts out. If the wires check good, then you’ll need to check the coils. I use a multimeter on them, as well.

We need more info. What year is your Villager? They made them with a rotor, cap, points and a condenser years ago.

What about the year of the vehicle, mileage, any Check Engine Light on, etc.?
Had it scanned and any codes?

There are 200 different things that could cause a misfire and there’s not enough info to at least narrow it down a bit.
If this rough running has been going on for months then you may have more than one problem by now.