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Misfire code, but can it be in fule line?

Dad’s 97 dodge neon still showing a CEL and a code for a misfire but according to code reader it has something with the fuel line that is causing not enough fuel to get to engine. Car has a new fuel pump (about 6 months old) and it runs fine for a while then will sputter then will run fine for a while and back and forth. Any idea what it might be?

indy, you’ve been around long enough so that you should know that vague reports about what a code reader said don’t do anyone any good. Report the actual code (like “P1234”)

if i knew it I would, all dad would tell me is that it is showing a code for a misfire, and that the guy at the autozone said that it included something with the fuel line and the engine not getting enough fuel regulary.

Well, you have to tell him that you need the actual codes or there’s no way to begin helping.

The only thing I could say without knowing anything is that if the misfire is in one cylinder only then its not likely to be a general fuel delivery problem but maybe a problem with that fuel injector. If that’s the case the injector for that cylinder could be swapped with another to see if the misfire follows the injector.