Minor accident - passenger side fender hit - should I drive?

Since you’re not in a position to fix the car yourself on the cheap, and there are other issues, as well . . .

It might be best to move on from the Jeep


yeah definitely - I was just thinking I could get more than $400 but now i feel the guy will be doing me a favor by taking it away and i can probably get him to take a look
at cars I’m thinking of buying - so i’ll try to negotiate that

The obvious camber issue and door misalignment make a $400 offer on a $3000 vehicle needing $2000 of repair sounds fair. Since the rest of the car, including the tires and wheels, look good, you should try to negotiate with the mechanic. My guess is that a body shop will still come in with a price tag of at least $2K to cure the visible defects.

Selling the car from your driveway makes no sense and will cost you more than $400 in aggravation. Also without knowing more about what is damaged and how badly, I wouldn’t drive this car around the block. In a word, negotiate your best price and let go.