Mini cooper?

buying as car should take awhile if you are looking for that perfect fit kinda car. As long as your Camry is still running, keep saving your money, and don’t skimp out on maintaining your current ride just because you’re thinking of getting rid of it.

We had a 2006 regular Mini 5 sp man. Enough power. Drove it a year and there were no repair costs. None. The trade in was so good we bought a 2007 regular Mini 6 sp man. I thought the warantee covered everything including all service for three years. The synthetic oil change is not until 15,000 miles. I drove an auto paddle shifter version. Way fun. I must admit the tranny seems to be notchy. maybe the synchros are gong south? But it’s covered. The ride is firm. That’s as it should be. I have found the cars to be unable to go in snow. Unless there is some trick replacement wheel/tire set ups I do not known about.

my o5 or o7 have not been in the shop except for the one problem thats when they replaced the car.