Mini Cooper coolant

I have a 2011 Mini Cooper. It has blue coolant, which I assume is the original factory or dealership coolant. The owner’s manual says to check with the dealership about coolant type. I also have a Haynes Manual, which says the Mini uses a phosphate and nitrate free coolant. I have some of the standard green ethelyne glycol based coolant, the bottle of which claims it is compatible with all cars and all types and colors of coolant. It also lists the ingredents, which do not include any phosphates or nitrates. Is it safe to top off my radiator tank with this stuff?

NO! Please go to your dealer and get a gallon of the exact coolant the car calls for. Most dealers sell ready mix, so no dilution is needed.

I agree with @Docnick. Spend a couple of extra bucks and get the OEM fliud from the dealer to top off. I don’t trust that those ‘universal green’ coolants are truly compatible and will not damage the car. I just purchased a jug of Toyota Pink from the dealer to top off my '09 Rav4.

I’d spend the extra $$ and do like @Docknick said.

Get the coolant from the dealer this time. When you get it home, read the ingredients listed on the bottle. It may be that you can find equivalent coolant at an auto parts or big box store the next time you need it.

Yes. You can use the coolant.

There’s three types of coolant. These are organic, Organic Acid Technology, and Hybrid Organic Acid Technology.

If the coolant doesn’t contain phosphates or nitrates it’s safe to use.


Aha, Tester, but in the true spirit of Tom & Ray, the important thing is the color! Well, the vote seems to be in favor of going w/ the mfr’s recs, so I guess it’s a question of “better safe than sorry.” I’ve found that Beck Arnley makes something they call Euro Blue or something like that, but it’s pretty pricey around $30 a gallon, probably about the same as the dealer.

Color means nothing

GM could make Dexcool green, if they chose to do so

That would not make it “universal green”