Mini Cooper Bad Gas Mileage

I have a 2002 Mini with a 5-speed manual transmission and 45K. I’ve done all the recommended servicing and only use premium gas. The car gets terrible gas mileage in the city, 16-17 MPG,especially in hot, summer months. In winter, the mileage creeps up to 22-23 MPG. Why?

Check: tire pressure and condition, wheel alignment, cooling system thermostat, brakes for dragging, exhaust restriction.

I’m sure others will come up with more

Congratulations! You’ve managed to reverse the usual lament of drivers (low fuel economy in the winter).

Here are my thoughts: You don’t say where you live, but “winter” in some parts of the world (including parts of the US) has temperatures that are great for fuel economy (45F - 55F). Engines run less efficiently when the ambient temperature gets outside of this range. Also factor in air conditioner use, which reduces fuel economy. Another issue may be traffic patterns. Is there a lot more traffic in the summer? Yet another is driving style. If you have slippery conditions in the winter where you live, you are likely to be easier oon the gas and brake pedals, which is beneficial to fuel economy. Lastly, there could be a slight mechanical/electrical problem with your car, like a flaky coolant temperature sensor.

i remember a problem with 2002 minis here in england ,they had a fault in the e.c.u,(engine control unit)which made them run rich,and when they do they only get 20 i would have an emissions test and see if it is,then,either a reprogramme or a new e.c.u should solve the problem.

Well based on what you’ve said…I’m going to guess that you get WORSE gas mileage in the summer because you’re driving TOO AGGRESSIVELY. During the winter you slow down and drive more conservatively thus the better gas mileage. Driving style is THEE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN MAXIMIZING MPG. I suggest you slow down. Don’t do jack rabbit starts. If you want a fun car to drive and drive it so it is fun…then DON’T complain about the gas mileage. Enjoy and keep driving.

no matter how aggressively you drive a mini cooper you should get a lot more than 16 mpg! its only a 1.6 litre.,not a v8!!like i said before its probably got a problem with the e.c.u,and it will be overfuelling the emissions test should prove that.

I can get 5mpg on a Prius.