Mileage LCD display partially blank

I have a 2002 VW Eurovan (very big lemon, FYI). I just picked it up from the body shop, and noticed that the mileage LCD and the Transmission LCD (1 2 D N R P) and the clock LCD are all partially blank. I can see some parts of numbers in the mileage and the colon on the clock. When I picked it up from the body shop the guy had to use one of those insta-jumper deals to start it because the battery was dead.

Could that jumper have killed my LCD displays? If not, what could be the problem?


Not if he used the jump pack properly. All bets are off if polarity was reversed,even for a brief monent. One value that I would like to know is just how much voltage was introcuded into the cars electrical system. I would think a jump pack is safer than an AC unit. I have seen AC units output 15.5v,and this would concern me.

I can’t say anything about the polarity. So maybe it wasn’t the jump pack. Any other ideas as to what could cause this on three separate LCD displays? What is the fix?

Does anyone have any idea how this problem can be fixed? Thanks.

There could just be some burned out bulbs. Get a manual and learn how to get to these offending items to check.