Miata won't start

I have a 1994 mazda miata and currently the car will not start but will turn over. I am getting spark in all four cylinders and am receiving fuel in most of them, two for sure probably three. Spark plug 1 was not covered in fuel like the rest. timing appears to be correct but, I do not have a timing light to be certain. In the interest of full disclosure the car has indvidual throttle bodies and a piggyback computer. I do have the ability to adjust the idle screws for all four TBs.

This afternoon when I first went to start the car it sputtered to life but wouldn’t rev at all, even at WOT and quickly died. Feel free to ask me any questions.

I would take intake off at throttle body and give it a squirt of starting fluid.
If it starts check fuel pressure, if ok check injectors