Miata Pre-cat

Can a pre-cat for a Mazda Miata ('99) be replaced by owner? My check engine light is on- runs fine. Code corresponds to “pre-cat”. Can I replace this myself?

Is that pre-cat incorporated into the exhaust manifold? If so it is fairly simple to replace if you have a good set of tools. If it is below the exhaust manifold it may require a torch.

First, replace the oxygen sensor that is responsible for throwing the code and turning on the CEL…Run a bottle of Chevron Techron through it too, clean the air-flow sensor.

Excellent suggestion Caddyman. I must have been nodding off again.

Thanks Caddyman and Rod!
The car ran really rough and we replaced the oxygen sensors, ignition module and plug wires. After that, it ran smooth and corrected the problem- but then the pre-cat was damaged (as a result of the bad ignition module). We would just like to try to replace the precat if we can- we have a decent set of tools, but not a lift or anything. I think it would be hard to get under there to do any welding if required (we do have a welder).