Just got a 1965 mgb not runing. I would like to know Where is the 1st gear and 4th gear on the gearshift handle? Also in how to wire the 2 6v batteries?

1st is forward left. 4th is rearward right. Same as any 4-speed.

The batteries Hhhhhmmmmmm '65 should be 12 volt, negative ground…Verify the negative ground. Earlier ones had Positive ground… The two six volt batteries get connected in SERIES, Positive to Negative, leaving a Positive and Negative post with 12 volts between them…

Let me suggest that your next purchase be some books on classic MGBs from the local bookstore. This is a classic vehicle and there’s tons on literature on them.

And you’ll need the books when you discover the wonderment of Lucas electrical systems.

Congratulations on the B.

Yes indeed, buy a workshop manual and have some fun with that car…!

The manual will say “Negative EARTH”.

Just google ‘MGB amazon’ and lots of good books pop up. You’ll need a couple of good references.

I believe that the 1965’s sill had positive ground/earth. At least my 65 Sunbeam did.

I think you’re right, JEM, the search I did found positive earth/2X6V references for '67s. Who knows if this one’s been converted.

The MGB came with 2 6V batteries. Why was the car made with 2 batteries? Negative or Positive to earth? I will check it out. The car has two small boxes for two batteries.
Thank you for you ideas.

MANY owners have installed a single 12 volt battery. Just be careful about the positive or negative ground (earth). Also, yours may have been converted to negative ground so a modern sound system (radio) could be installed…Are there any batteries installed now?

The 2 x 6v to 1 x 12v battery conversion is very common and cures a multitude of headaches.

You need a single group 26 battery, this will fit into 1 of the battery compartments and will provide far more cranking power than the original 2 6v batteries.

If you can find a plastic container to fit the other battery compartment it makes for useful small parts storage - fuses, bulbs, spare lucas switches, y’now…that stuff.

Do you know why the 1965 MGB came with 2 6v batteries? Since the car came with 2 new 6V
batteries still in the box, I will use them. Is here any way to now if the car is negative or postive ground? MGB has a new radio with tape. If there was convertion, how will I know?

In my old Sprites and Healeys, the words “POSITIVE EARTH” were printed on the face of the tach. Not sure it is that way with the B. The best way to tell if this car has been converted to negative, I suppose, would be to see which battery cables are grounded. If you are unfamiliar with the car, The Roadster Factory in PA is a great source of parts and information. Welcome to the wonderful world of British sportscars. Start going to local club meetings and swap meets. As I’ve said in posts before, my '68 TR250 has proven many times over to be my most reliable vehicle in my garage(that is, before I started buying Toyotas).

I believe that batteries with adequate cranking power were considerably larger when the MGB was conceived and group 26 batteries didn’t exist. Later rubber bumper models used a single type 21 or 26 12v battery (1975 - 1980).

I’ve had the MGB, GT, MGC and V8 version with different battery configurations and have always junked the 6v setup in favor of the 12v for reliability reasons - these are also useful :

How to tell positive / negative ground. Whichever of the battery cable is bolted to the body is the ground. Therefore if the + terminal goes to a bolt either on the body or possibly the transmission bell housing then your car is positive earth / ground. With that new radio unit it’s highly likely that your car has been converted to neg earth, though not guaranteed since many newer units are polarity agnostic.