Metric Vacuum Hose

Anyone know where I can find metric vacuum hose. Maybe one of the major chains like pep boys, advance or someone carries it. I have a foreign car and imperial size is either to large or to small.

I bought vacuum hose at AutoZone just a couple of days ago, and it was all in SAE size designations. However, there are enough gradations that you should be able to find one close enough to work on your car, with the possible exception of some bigger sizes. I suppose a dealer of your brand of car might carry the exact size.

What kind of car is it, and which hose do you need to replace?

Geez, why can’t they ever just tell us the size of the needed hose, or which SAE sizes failed. Someone may already have the solution sitting in his garage…

It’s vacuum line, not threaded fasteners. For small metric vacuum line, 5/16" ID hose works just fine. They stretch to fit. JMHO.