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Metal Shavings in the Oil

OK, I just recently discovered my timing chain was grinding. Now, there are metal shavings in my oil and filter. What would you recommend to flush the shavings out of the engine, so it doesn’t cause further damage? Other than this, my truck is running perfectly fine. It has 106,000 miles on the motor. Are there any other concerns that I should consider?

The oil filter has a job, keep stuff out of the engine, If it is the timing chain causing the issue replace it. Just curious about oil change history.

No opinion can be formed without knowing this mystery vehicle that you speak of.


Assuming the timing chain has been replaced just change oil and filter every 1000 or 2000 miles for a couple of times and drive on.

Big assumption @“VOLVO V70”

Grinding? Where? How? Make model year? Much more needed.

Metal shavings from a grinding timing chain? How did you conclude this?

Presuming the metal debris is actually coming from the timing chain … and that’s not a certain thing … but renewing all the timing chain stuff and removing and cleaning the oil pan should be pretty much all you need to do. The oil filter should have caught all the debris in circulation, and the rest is at the bottom of the oil pan. If you want to do something beyond that, I’ve heard of folks putting those really powerful magnets, neodymium I think they are called, just plunk them on the bottom of the oil pan from the outside. They’ll capture metal debris that makes its way to the bottom of the pan, and hold it there.

I would also like to know what kind of vehicle and engine is involved.

No matter what is grinding, I fail to see how a flush or oil change of any kind is going to cure anything.

If that chain is grinding up an aluminum block or cover, no magnet known will grab it.

I’d pull the pan for a thorough check of oiling system and bearings and a pan cleaning.

If you don’t want so much work, you can risk draining the oil pan and flushing it with solvent (mineral spirits) thru the open timing chain area when the chain is being replaced and hoping no shavings went somewhere important. Then change the oil and filter 500 miles after the fix. And cross your fingers.

This may sound unkind . . .

I wonder if OP is considering “flushing” the metal shavings out . . . but NOT addressing the possible problem with the timing chain and guides

I say “possible” because it hasn’t really been satisfactorily explained WHY he’s so sure the chain is a problem