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Mercury Mountaineer 2004

I have a Mercury Mountaineer 2004 and have been having problems for the past 3/4 years, but only in the hot summer and only it has been driven previously in the day. The dam SUV wont start. No sound at all, doesn’t turn over or anything. But after about a half hour it starts right up no problem.

I have had about 5 different mechanics look at the SUV for years with no success. Have sent the computer to a special place in Florida with no luck. Replaces alternators, starters, fuses, an nothing helps.

One mechanic said that possible the car thinks it’s being stolen so it shuts itself down, but other than that small clue, I and countless mechanics are stumped.

Thanks for your help,

At those times when you turn the key and nothing happens have you ever tried putting it in Neutral & then starting?

Yes, I have tried that, but still nothing. It actually happened to my family today, the same problem. They stopped at a store for a bit, and once they came out, it wouldn’t start. But after about a half hour the thing starts up no problem