Mercedes headaches

I have a friend whose (very successful) son surprised him with a 2012 S-class BlueTec MB. In the2 years he’s had it, he’s had to be towed to the dealer 3 times for a failed O2 sensor (in 2012, August 2013, and beginning of 2015). It seems they replace it, and the new one goes bad. Things have gotten to the point where he worries about driving any distance from the dealer.

(One more complication: last week, the “check engine” light came on, but they claimed it was just a loose connection.)

The most recent development is that he got MB to extend the warranty and roadside assistance for a year.

Is this really just “bad luck” as the dealer tells him, who also says that they have no idea why the O2 sensors keep failing. Or is there something about that model of MB or the way that make O2 sensors that could be the problem?

BTW, my friend drives fairly low miles each year. Below 10K.

Sounds like something else is amiss, causing the O2 sensor to go bad. But if the dealer can’t/won’t solve it, I don’t know what else to do. Except get rid of it and test drive a Lexus!

S-Class sadly is an excessively over complex vehicle with poor reliability compared to the rest of MB. Your friend if he wants to keep this should beyond this extension consider purchasing a MB extended warranty.

The depreciation is massive on this vehicle due to really poor reliability and likely will hurt more then extended warranty cost.

Why would you buy a diesel when you plan on driving few miles? Is losing 33% of value on a $69k car more painful than a $32k car? I have to beleive the platinum warranty on a S class is good though.

The gift that keeps on giving…


Having been a Benz mechanic for many years, I highly advise your friend to get rid of this car

In fact, do not get another Benz

If he’s going to trade it in, trade it in for an Acura, Lexus, something along those lines

Avoid european luxury brands

Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just giving you my honest opinion

I think he should discuss the problems honestly with his son and then trade it for a Lexus, Acura, or Infinity. MB cars are no longer known for reliability, and the cost of ownership is ridiculous. Like others, I think he’ll find the depreciation on this enormous, I think he’ll be stunned when he hears the tradein value especially since it’s a diesel, but even if he has to throw some additional cash into the deal he’ll still be better off in the long run.

That Benz cost about $100k new, is worth $40-45k now trade-in. Ouch…

Trade in value will be even worse.