Mercedes fuel pressure test

Need help have a 89 Mercedes 190E 2.6 Bosch CIS-E3?: Also known as KE3-Jetronic fuel system car start and run till it warm up then stall out and won’t restart till the next day ok did a pressure test 80 psi upper chamber 73 psi lower chamber upper will drop to 40 psi with key off then upper drop to 15 psi within 30 min

is this right for this car ?

If I was asked to work on your car it would have to include a review of the manual (and having it with me while working) and I put in major time in the 80’s with CIS and SAAB, VW, BMW. I was never so happy as I was the day BMW moved away from it. Mercedes stayed with CIS much longer than anyone else. Someone who has specific Mercedes experience will have to get with you (I believe we do have a member) but until this happens I suggest a search for a manual.

It is a system very dependant on fuel pressure (and high fuel pressure at that) and on air flow to regulate that center control rod (which also can get stuck, or the big plate that through a lever attaches to it can become detached). Your specs point to what on BMW we genericaly called an accumulator, which was designed to maintain fuel pressure while the vehicle was parked, and they did fail.